Why Evans?

We’re more than a portfolio. We’re a partner.

We listen carefully to our clients’ long-term personal and family goals. We help our clients plan for what is important to them, not us. We see a review meeting as an opportunity to evaluate your overall progress not analyze short term performance. Client success and satisfaction, along with service and performance, are the benchmarks of our success. 

Trust. Honesty. Integrity. 

We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day. Our advisors are fiduciaries and are required by law to always act in your best interest.  We handle client assets with the same concern and attention we give our own while maintaining the highest ethical standards in our work, acting with honesty, integrity, and respect for others. Confidentiality is our first client service mandate. We foster confidence, trust, and sound decision-making by keeping our clients well-informed.

Our Unifying Principles

In addition to our values, certain principles guide every interaction and decision with our clients. These are the foundations of our business.

Plan Building

Life is unpredictable. Increase your probability of reaching your goals by creating a specific, all-encompassing plan—not just a portfolio. Your trusted advisors can help you align your expectations with your resources and capabilities to pursue your goals.


Consistent communication and transparency are vital to any partnership. We’re here for you as a resource for all your financial concerns and decisions. Regular meetings enable us to respond to your needs and help you pursue your goals.

Behavioral Management

Emotional decisions can be detrimental to your plan. Your financial actions should be anchored in evidence-based research. By following a plan and strategy based on your unique risk profile, you’re more likely to reach your goals.

Goals-based Portfolio Management

Using wealth management knowledge, historical perspective, and a consistent process, we develop goal-oriented portfolios to support your plan. Focus on your goals to navigate fluctuating markets and stay conscious of cost and tax efficiency.

Our Philosophy on Managing Money

Money management can be a complicated process, and we strive to simplify it for our clients. We speak in truths and set realistic expectations beginning with the fact that no financial crystal ball exists.  Guided by this perspective, we have created an evidenced-based process that focuses on four principles: 

  • Identifying your risk profile
  • Establishing suitable asset class weightings
  • Obtaining optimal diversification 
  • Consistent rebalancing of your portfolio

Academic and industry research indicates that the majority of active investment managers do not outperform their benchmarks over time. In fact, there is a low correlation in the performance consistency of active managers, which is why Evans Investment Advisors rarely uses them when structuring client portfolios. Instead, we primarily utilize low-cost investment vehicles. This core investment philosophy allows us to eliminate many common investment risks and mistakes, which affords us the ability to concentrate on proper asset allocation, broad diversification, maximum efficiency, and minimized costs.  We believe the most successful investment strategy to help you pursue your goals is the one you can adhere to in all market conditions.

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